Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010

1. The Spellmans Strike Again by Lisa Lutz
The Spellmans series, Book 4

The final book in the Spellman Family series. I loved the book... it was really a fantastic end to the series. I laughed, I wondered, and I cried.

2. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
Extremely complex world and plot about a vast prison that is like a world unto its own, and the Outside world where society is under an era protocol and not permitted to advance socially or technologically, and the people who are caught between these two worlds, trying to get in, get out and find freedom.

3. Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris
A Lily Bard Mystery, Book 3
This story has our heroine, Lily Bard, leaving the comfort of the hometown she's made for herself for her hometown of Bartley, Arkansas for her younger sister's wedding. Lily's new lover, Jack Leeds shows up investigating a missing persons case involving the abduction of an infant 8 years prior. Lily's soon to be brother-in-law has a daughter the same age as the missing child and either she or one of her two best friends are most likely the missing child. In the meantime, a few people in this small town turn up dead and most likely connected to the abductor. Lily gets involved in helping Jack solve the mystery all the while trying to fit in with her family again after all these years since her attack... trying to not further taint the joy of her sister's happiest time of her life as she prepares for her wedding in just a few short days.

4. Shakespeare's Trollop by Charlaine Harris
A Lily Bard Mystery, Book 4
When the town's trollop, Deedra Dean is found naked and dead in her own car parked in the woods, an investigation is started to find her killer. Lily is the one who found her and as her cleaning lady she is more intimately familiar with the victim's habits and endless string of male encounters, she becomes involved in the investigation, much to her discomfort.

Lily has been making a lot of progress in her life lately, and this story was truly rewarding to read. Lily is smart, honest, practical, and observant. It is comforting to see her finally behave that way towards herself and start to heal and feel "normal" for the first time in a long time since her brutal and traumatic attack years ago. I never tire of how honest Lily is in her thoughts about herself, others, and simply how the world works.

5. Shakespeare's Counselor by Charlaine Harris
A Lily Bard Mystery, Book 5

6. Four to Score by Janet Evanovich
Stephanie Plum Series, Book 4

7. Holiday in Death by J.D. Robb
In Death Series, Book 7

My mini review of this novel and the novella below can be found in the monthly In Death challenge post HERE.

8. "Midnight In Death" by J.D. Robb
In Death Series, Book 8

9. Proof of Seduction by Courtney Milan
I loved this debut historical romance novel and am anxiously awaiting the release of the follow up novel, Trial by Desire due out in October 2010. Read my review of Proof of Seduction HERE.


misa ramirez said...

Your reading list sounds FUN!


Christine said...

Hi Misa!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always wonder if anyone checks out my reading lists here. I have to agree with you in that I DO have a rather fun reading list. :D

I visited your website and see that you're a mystery writer. And just the kind I like, too. Would it be fair to say your style is "chick lit mystery"? Along the lines of Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series and Lutz's Spellman series? I'm going to have to investigate.... ;) (pun intended).

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi Christine, thanks for linking up to my blog. I've read all the Sookie Stackhouse books but haven't read this series. Will have to give them a go. Have a great April!